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Krishna Kaur Workshop | 9. - 12. Juni 2016 in MUNICH

18. April 2016 from von Maren Lenthe - Fachausbildung Yogatherapie

Being authentic as a Yoga teacher
.. or simply as a human being, is the most important focus for those who long to experience their true selves. "Just be you", Yogi Bhajan always said. And of course we all want that. Yet, the journey to experience our true selves is one filled with obstacles to self love, self awareness and self discipline.
In this workshop we will explore the teachings of Yogi Bhajan to unfold our personal greatness. We will challenge ourselves to look honestly within to identify the little places where self deception might hide. We will laugh, sweat, meditate and chant our way into a deep inner stillness. From there we will open the way to greater joy, courage, grace and authenticity in our lives.

Form: Application-advaned-training-Krishna Kaur [979 KB]


Ökologisches Tagungshaus Linden
Baiernrainer Weg 17
83623 Dietramszell-Linden


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